Our story

When movies, music, poetry and cartoons meets together, you are in art hostel Pipištrelo.

Pipištrelo - Art hostel

It's not about sleeping, it's about dreaming - that is the leitmotiv of the first hostel in Pula entitled Pipištrelo. The hostel is located in the center of Pula, nearby the main town square Forum. Pipištrelo is a design project bursting with spirit, a small hostel gallery filled with create details in which every room has its own story.

Comics, movies, music, poetry and prose are the main features included in the design of the thematic rooms. Their huge windows overlook the very seaside with the shipyard and a massive ship. The only room not overseeing the shipyard is a sort of a room in progress in terms of interior design.

Comic book applications, classic and generational movie posters, installations made of gramophone records, wrought iron beds, crown chandelier made of polyurethane foam, original hand made wallpapers made from pages of literary classics and an old-fashioned street lamp represent only a fragment of the many design parts of the hostel, offering its guests an entirely new and exciting experience.

Therefore, Pipištrelo embodies a new, gentle, expressive, pleasent and attractive addition to the town of Pula, at the same time being aware of its history.